International Student Field Course in Tropical Ecology and Rapid Biodiversity Assessment 2017

We are pleased to announce International Student Field Course in Tropical Ecology and Rapid Biodiversity Assessment 2017 from 24 July to 13 August 2017.

This program is collaboration between Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) and University of Vienna (Austria). It has an exclusively educational purpose by (1) giving Indonesian and Austrian students the opportunity to get a comprehensive introduction on the fauna of representative tropical island ecosystems, (2) learning how to conduct rapid biodiversity assessments (using selected target taxa, e.g. birds and butterflies) and (3) how to adequately analyze their data.

The collected data will be used by the students to address questions in the field of island biogeography. Particularly they will use their data to analyze changes in species richness and species composition of fauna model assemblages on Krakatau within the last decades. Furthermore, they will compare the composition of the Krakatau fauna with species assemblages, which will be found on Panaitan and Peucang island (Ujung Kulon National Park), and a site on “mainland” Java (in the vicinity of Cidauan, Ujung Kulon National Park). Panaitan and Peucang islands may be characterized by a higher species richness and different species composition due to its proximity to mainland Java. Cidaon is characterized by a fauna representing the species pool available for the colonization of small offshore islands. This program also compare the species diversity of lowland located in Krakatoa, Ujung Kulon, and Way Kambas National Park with the highland species represented from Gunung Halimun Salak National Park (Cikaniki-Citalahab).


Undergraduate or Graduate students

Students from related field studies i.e Biology, Forestry, Agriculture

Students can be from multi disciplines field with high impression about biodiversity field study

Application Deadline

Please register via online application http://bit.ly/ISFC2017 

Deadline of Application: 23 June 2017

*notification for interview will be informed by email

Tentative Schedule

Contact Person

Mahardika Gama (+6285647238553)

Nadzirum Mubin  (+6285762424232)