Plant Doctor of IPB Visits Subang Farmers, Looking for Solutions for Stem Borer Pests and Rice Salinity

Subang, Villagerspost.com – IPB University Plant Doctor, Dr. Suryo Wiyono returned to visit the regions, greeted the farmers and looked for solutions to agricultural problems. This time, Suryo, visited the farmers in Blanakan, Subang, West Java.

In this area, Suryo discussed with 15 representatives of farmers from various villages in the sub-district. One of the topics of discussion is the problem of stem borer pests and the salinity or salt content of rice plants.

Salinity is a problem because the rice fields in the Blanakan area are located on the north coast of Subang. "Because of the location, rice farmers face the problem of high salt content or salinity," said Suryo.

In addition, in these areas, stem borer attacks often make farmers lose money because the yield loss is quite large. According to the Blanakan farmers, stem borer and salinity attacks are more severe in the gadu or dry season.

In the discussion led by the Head of the Blanakan Agriculture UPTD Mad Anwar, SP, Suryo explained various things to overcome these two problems. One of them is by studying the behavior, biology and strategy of stem borer pests.

"One way to overcome this is to collect stem borer eggs in the nursery and carry out bioimmunization," explained Suryo.

This bioimmunization is one of the technologies developed by IPB and will be applied by Blanakan farmers. "Bioimmunization is an increase in rice resistance to pests or pathogens, one of which is the treatment of endophytic fungi," said Suryo.

To overcome the problem of salinity, the Plant Doctor who is also the General Chair of the Nusantara Farmers Movement said his party would also conduct joint tests with the latest microbiological-based technology developed by IPB.

“IPB has developed anti-salinity bacteria. The bacterium is a special strain of Bacillus that has been researched and tested in the laboratory. Both technologies were tested on an area of ​​10 hectares,” said Suryo.

Editor: M. Agung Riyadi


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