Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture – IPB University which is accredited A (Very good) by the National Accreditation Board – Universities (BAN-PT) has complete educational facilities in the field of plant protection, including:

The laboratory consists of 4 educational laboratories, 10 research laboratories, a data analysis laboratory and forecasting of plant-disturbing organisms (on line), and an integrated laboratory.

Greenhouse complex, as well as experimental gardens to support teaching and learning activities and research.

Reading room that provides reference books and journals both nationally and internationally. Students can also use the facilities of IPB University's central library (LSI) either directly or online.

Insect Museum as an Insect Teaching and Research Collection (ITRC) to support education, research, and provide services to the general public.

Plant Clinic as a pioneer of service units to the community and as a reference for other plant clinics in Indonesia.

Integrated Pest Control Study Unit (UKPHT) which organizes training, internships, and studies in the field of IPM.

Agroecology Learning Farm (AELEFA). A vehicle for students to learn and have semi-field discussions about practical skills in agriculture.

Audio Visual Studio to support student learning and seminars.