Plant pests and diseases are considered major problems in agriculture production system in Indonesia with annual yield loss may reach 35%. Therefore, efforts to reduce yield loss should be continuously conducted. Strategy to manage pests and diseases based on environmentally-friendly principles should be adopted in order to conserve the global environment. Human resources with proper skill and knowledge in the field of plant protection is required to solve the many problems of plant pests and diseases in agricultural systems.

Department of Plant Protection as part of Faculty of Agriculture at Bogor Agricultural University is highly committed to involve in agricultural education by conducting teaching, research, training, and also outreach service activities.

At present, Department of Plant Protection offers two degree programs i.e. undergraduate and postgraduate programs for master and doctoral. Students in plant protection major are trained to have skill and knowledge in plant pests and disease management in order to give and construct recommendation for solving plant pests and diseases problems, conduct and design basic and applied research in the field of plant protection.

Plant protection graduates have been working in public institutions and private sectors on key position within the country. The need for plant protection graduates is even greater in the era of globalization, free trade and decentralization.