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Magelang, Villagerspost.com – A total of 100 avocado farmers who are members of the Archipelago Avocado Association (ALNUSA), Central Java-DIY (Yogyakarta Special Region) chapter held a ground coffee event at Balkondes (Village Economic Center) Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java, Sunday (6/6).

Participants are avocado farmers, seed farmers, and avocado traders from 21 regencies in Central Java and DIY. In addition, other agricultural activists were also present.

The opportunity was used to convey and thoroughly explore avocado pests and diseases with the participants. Dr. Suryo Wiyono, one of the Plant Doctors from the Plant Clinic, Department of Plant Protection, Faperta IPB, thoroughly discussed the problem of pests and diseases of avocado from seedling to post-harvest.

Aspects discussed include why the disease occurs, the main pests and diseases of avocado, strategies and control techniques. "The main pest and disease of avocado that most farmers encounter is root rot," said Suryo.

The Plant Doctor who is also the General Chair of the Nusantara Peasant Movement explained that this root rot disease is caused by the pseudofungi Phtophthora palmivora, and the mealybug Pseudococcidae.

So how to control it? "These plant diseases can be controlled using the biological agents Trichoderma hamatum and Lecanicillium lecanii," said the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, IPB University.

During the discussion, Suryo and the farmers also discussed strategies and technologies based on biological control for avocado pests and diseases, as well as practices for controlling pests and diseases.

Suryo also discussed the problem of avocado disease in the future. "Avocados are now a popular horticultural commodity," said Suryo.

In addition to meeting domestic consumption of avocados, avocados have great export potential. It's no wonder that avocado plantations have grown significantly in the last five years.

Editor: M. Agung Riyadi

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