PTN Student Achievements at Satria Data 2023

The holding of Statistics Ria activities and the Data Science Festival (SATRIA DATA) is a form of support from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology for the development of statistics science and data science in general. The Satria Data 2023 event was held at Brawijaya University - Malang on 20-24 August 2023. The purpose of this activity, as quoted from the official website https://satriadata.kemdikbud.go.id/, is as a medium for introducing statistics and data science as well as professions and broader fields of work; Fostering interest and motivation in the fields of statistics and data science and their applications; Increase knowledge and expertise as a statistician and data scientist so that they are ready to enter the world of work; Means for implementing Independent Learning – Independent Campus (MB-KM). This activity is in the form of a competition that measures students' abilities in statistics, data science, and its application. Not only hard skills in Statistics and Data Science will be competed, but also soft skills such as communication, visualization, collaboration, and creativity in solving complex problems. There are 4 (four) types of competitions namely the National Statistics Competition (NSC), Statistics Essay Competition (SEC), Statistics Infographic Competition (SIC) and Big Data Challenge (BDC) the four branches that are contested, there are Plant Protection Department students who win championships secondly with her team in the Statistics Essay Competition (SEC) branch on behalf of Zahrotul Huriyah (A3401201038) who is a batch 57 student, Zahrotul and his team were one of the parts that contributed to the achievements of the IPB University team who were crowned the Satria Data 2023 General Champion.

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