Visiting Scholar Seminar


Thursday, 01 February 2024. The Department of Plant Protection invited two scientists from CIRAD - France to be speakers at the Visiting Scholar Seminar which was held on Thursday, 01 February 2024 in a hybrid manner in Ruang Sidang 1 of the Department of Plant Protection, Zoom Meeting and live broadcast on the YouTube account. These two scientists from France are Dr. Leïla Bagny Beilhe from the Plant Health Institute of Montpellier - CIRAD who presented material entitled "Pest Regulation on Coffee and Cacao Based on Agroforestry Systems" and Dr. Pierre Bommel from Knowledge, Environment and Societies - CIRAD who presented material entitled "Participatory agent-based simulation of socio-ecosystems to stimulate social learning with local stakeholders", this Visiting Scholar Seminar event was guided by Dr. Purnama Hidayat as moderator. To find out the contents of this webinar, we have prepared a recorded video from our YouTube account below:

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