Sekolah Bogor Raya Elementary School visit to the Soemartono Sosromarsono Insect Museum in 2024

Wednesday, January 17 2024. Soemartono Sosromarsono Insect Museum Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture - IPB University received a second visit from the Bogor Raya Elementary School (SD), the last visit was in 2023. A total of 59 first grade students accompanied by six teachers visited the insect museum with the aim of studying the characteristics and role of insects on this earth. Not only can they look around, they can also read information about each insect. They learn about the different body shapes of insects, what they eat, where they live, and even the metamorphosis that some insects undergo. The Bogor Raya Elementary School students never stop asking questions to the students on duty. One of the most interesting parts is the live insect exhibition room. There, they can see cute caterpillars, leaf grasshoppers camouflaged with leaves, and ants working together to build their nests. Apart from seeing insects, they also took part in educational activities organized by the museum. They learn about the benefits of insects for the environment, how to raise insects.


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